Salt Class Terms & Policies 


Each class you miss is a spot another SALT squad member could have taken!

What is considered a “late cancellation”?

Our cancellation window is 12 hours before scheduled class start time. If you don’t cancel your class online at least 12 hours before the class begins, or fail to show up for class, this is considered a late cancellation and you will be charged for the class.

What happens if I late cancel or don’t show up for class?

  • If you have purchased an auto-pay Membership or One Month Unlimited you will be charged $10 for each late cancellation. This includes One Month Unlimited memberships that have been purchased with the new client discount.

  • If you have purchases a Single, 5,10 or 20 Class Credit Package the class will be deducted from your account.

  • If you’ve booked with a third party service their cancellation rates apply.

I was late for class, can I get into another one using the same credit?

We are unable to transfer credits. You’re welcome to book another class if space is available using another credit, but you will still have the late cancellation fee from the previous class.

What happens if I cancel a a lot?!

We want to workout with you! Frequent late cancellations will result in an increased late cancellation fee and class registration restrictions.


By adding your name to the waitlist, you are potentially signing up for the class! Please only sign up if you plan on attending and remove yourself if you don’t plan on attending.

When and how will I be notified when I’m added to class?

  • You will receive an email if you have been added to class from the waitlist three or more hours before the class start time. Be sure you have opted in to email notifications!

  • A space may open up after that point! You can always give us a call or come by the studio to see if last minute openings are available.

I’m still on the waitlist - should I come in for class?

  • Yes! There is a good chance you will still be able to get into class. If another client does not show up for their spot within five minutes of class we begin to let waitlist-ers join!

  • More often than not, there are vacancies in class. Life happens and people have to cancel at the last minute. Though not a guarantee, people waiting to get in are usually able to do so.

Will I be charged a late cancellation fee if I’m on the waitlist?

  • If you have been added to class from the waitlist three or more hours before the class start time and don’t show up this is considered a late cancellation.

  • If you have not been added to class within three hours of the class start time and don’t show up you will not be charged. We do encourage you to remove yourself from the waitlist to make space for other clients.

Can I sign up for a class and waitlist spot?

We encourage clients to only sign up for the class they would like to take. You will have a late cancel charge for the class you don’t take.


We do our best to start and end class on time and encourage all client to arrive at least five minutes before class begins.

  • Depending on staffing the front doors will be locked right at class start time it is your responsibility to arrive to class on time.

  • If there is a front desk staff member on duty you may be allowed to join class up to five minutes late.

  • If you arrive to class more than five minutes after class start time you will not be admitted and considered a "late cancellation" and the late cancel policy stands, this is for your safety and to maintain a class environment free of distraction.

  • New clients should arrive ten minutes before class to fill out appropriate paperwork and settle into the studio. You will not be admitted into class without signing a liability waiver.