“The cure for anything is SALT— tears, sweat, or the sea.”


SALT Fitness is a female founded boutique studio in the heart of San Francisco. The force behind the brand has created a home for intelligent programming, strength training, community and self development.

Whether you're stacking endorphins in 7x7 or punching and pliéing to your best body, you will leave SALT, invigorated, and covered in sweat.

Choreographed intentionally to connect both the client and trainer to the mind and body, expressed through the fluidity of movement. We use various functional strength tools to up the ante, like sandbags, resistance bands, lower body loops, and balance balls. No class will be the same and no muscle will be left unworked.

Although our classes are taught for every level, we have no easy option.

Go hard and Stay SALTY, San Francisco.

Signature Classes

7 x 7

7x7 is not your average circuit training class.. We run seven rounds of seven strength and sports conditioning exercise are incorporated into a 60-minute class for ultimate fat burn and strength gains. Thoughtful mobility warm ups prime the body for the use of resistance bands, sandbags, and bodyweight burners to shed away layers of fluff, build strength, and endurance.

Barre Fight

A 60 minute full-body class using dynamic flexibility training to develop strong ,mobile joints, high intensity interval kickboxing drills for caloric burn, and isometric strength movements at the ballet barre to build lean muscle in strategic places.


A SALT style "every minute on the minute" (EMOM) conditioning challenge. In just 45 minutes, you will be led through a full dynamic warm-up, 5 rounds of intense movement, and a well deserved cool down and release. Each series will present a new way for you to push your body and challenge yourself physically and mentally. If you're a fan of 7x7, you'll love Sandstorm.

*Because of the self motivated nature of the class, we ask that students are in good cardiovascular health with a solid knowledge of function and form.

7 x 7 Foundations

You wouldn't build a house on a shaky foundation...so why would you push your body beyond its current capabilities without a second thought?

In this low impact version of our popular 7x7 class, we will take you through movements that build strength, balance, and stability to act as the building blocks for power and explosiveness. Our focus will be on intensity through correct form and the use of breath to guide movement. This class is perfect for those new to fitness, those getting back after an injury, or a seasoned athlete that wants a form refresher. Low impact does not mean easy...and you are sure to get salty, as always.

Hella Salty

Something new for fans of 7x7 and Sandstorm. We've cut the time and upped the ante a bit with a class designed to boost metabolic conditioning and bring on the burn in a real salty way. This intense, give-it-all-you've-got HIIT workout will push you to your limits. No tricky choreography here—we'll build basic movement patterns into conditioning complexes, shorten rest times, and use tempo as our intensifier. There's no way you'll get through this one alone, so come ready to push yourself and support your fellow Salt Squad. Let's see how salty we can get...and do it in less time then it takes to get seated for brunch.

**This class uses HIIT protocols and will include plyometric training to get the heart rate up quickly. Those rehabbing hip, knee, ankle, and spine injuries should avoid these exercises.

Knock Out

Get ready to work! The Knock Out is a high intensity conditioning workout using plyometric and cardio kickboxing and core exercise combinations to help build stamina, endurance and overall athleticism. Each class takes you through variable intervals in a descending ladder format for a full body workout.

**This class uses HIIT protocols and will include plyometric training to get the heart rate up quickly. Those rehabbing hip, knee, ankle, and spine injuries should avoid these exercises.


Our 45-minute SALT FLOW will tone your body while relaxing your mind. SALT FLOW combines core-centric movements with gentle stretches to build heat in your body while releasing the stress of your day.

Low impact, ALL levels

The Resistance

There is no doubt that time under tension creates substantial and lasting change. In this 45 minute low-impact signature class, we pair tempo driven movement with various styles of resistance. This class includes controlled work at the barre and on the mat utilizing various salty props. Get ready to shake, sweat, and learn to control that body.


Prenatal workout for the mind, body, and baby.

This class offers helpful tools and techniques to support the body leading up to baby's bday and beyond! SALT bump takes it down a notch, allowing mammas-to-be to safely connect to their breath and baby through each tailored movement.

60-minute, Prenatal

Flex + Chill

This Flex & Chill class focuses on addressing athletic joint mobility as it pertains to exercise. We use props, deep stretching holds and movement patterns to realign and reset the body and prep for future workouts and life.

Low impact, ALL levels

Reach out. Stay SALTY.

Visit Us:

327 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Between Oak St. and Page St.


(415) 529-2721