Our cancellation window is 12 hours before scheduled class start time. If you do not cancel your class online at least 12 hours before the class begins, you will be charged in full for the class.

We cannot accept phone cancellations.

If you have purchased a $100 unlimited trial  package, one day will be deducted from your 30 day membership per "no show" or late cancellation Please note that there are no extensions on our trial memberships.

Late cancellations and "no shows" for our Unlimited commitment members (3 month+ autopay) are subject to a $10 fee.

ClassPack and Drop In clients will lose one class as if they had attended.


There are 2 spots on the waitlist for each class. By adding your name to the waitlist, you are potentially signing up for the class! Please only sign up if you plan on attending.

Per our cancellation policy:

  • If less than 1 hour before class begins, people on the waitlist should come to the studio! There's a good chance you can hop in. 
  • If there is a vacancy 5 minutes after class begins, the first waitlist-er may join the class and so on and so forth.

When a client cancels 4 or more hours before class begins, the first client on the waitlist is automatically added to the class in that place. This waitlisted client will receive an email notification that he/she was added to class.

For a cancellation 1 or less hours before class begins, the added waitlisted will be e-mailed and called to confirm the reservation. 

If added to the class from the waitlist more than 3 hours before class start time, the waitlisted client is responsible to attend class or cancel within limits. If client does not come to class, the late cancel policy will stand.

More often than not, there are vacancies in classes. Life happens and people have to cancel at the last minute. Though not a guarantee, people waiting to get in are usually able to do so.


Depending on staffing, the front doors can be locked right at the class start time. It is your responsibility to arrive to class on time.

If there is a receptionist on duty and you arrive to class 5 minutes after class start time you will not be admitted and considered a "no show" and the late cancel policy stands. 

New clients should arrive at least 10 minutes before class to fill out appropriate paperwork and settle into the studio. You will not be admitted into class without signing a liability waiver.



We thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain a high standard of service for all of our clients.